Letran trounces San Sebastian

The Letran Knights pulled of a nerve-jangling 75-73 victory over the San Sebastian Stags to keep the pace in the NCAA Season 90 Monday at the Arena in San Juan.

Kevin Racal dropped 20 points to bring the Knights a win after almost failing to maintain the eight-point fourth quarter advantage. However, the Stags never relinquished the lead as they missed the necessary shot to force overtime.

Letran had a 67-59 lead with 4:43 left in the game, as the Stags’ duo of CJ Perez and Bradwyn Guinto rallied an 8-2 run to make the score 69-67.

San Sebastian was with two points with 6.2 seconds left as Bobby Balucanag attempt to tie the game through a fastbreak but he ran out of time.

Letran stayed afloat in the chase for the final four by having a 6-7 record.

Perez scored 22 points to lead the Stags.

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