Alekhine Nouri trains in NorCal House of Chess

The unique 8-year-old Filipino FIDE Master Alekhine Nouri wants to have a better chess training and instructions in the United States to provide him the greater chance of winning in the World Chess Championships.

Alekhine, who was named in honor of Alexander Alekhine, one of the world’s greatest chess players who became the fourth World Chess Champion in 1927. Alekhine is a student at Far Eastern University-FERN, traveled to California last August 10 get the best of the training at the North California House of Chess.

Expected to tutor Alekhine are GM Enrico Sevillano and IM Ricardo de Guzman. Ted Castro, the owner of the chess school, is sponsoring Alekhines trip that includes camp fees and lodging.

In the NorCal House of Chess Facebook, the world’s youngest FIDE Master Nouri was already being tutored as seen in the picture. To qualify for the FIDE Master title is not that easy.

The chess player must achieve an Elo rating of 2300 or more. Alekhine ranks 170th in the Philippines’ active player. The World Youth Championship will be in Durban, South Africa, Sept. 18 – 30.

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