Batang Gilas drops to USA by 60 points

Batang Gilas (image courtesy of

Batang Gilas (image courtesy of

The Philippine National Youth Basketball team Batang Gilas was completely outplayed by the much taller and bigger United States, 124-64, in the FIBA World Under-17 Championship on Monday in Dubai.

Batang Gilas was outrebounded by the USA team, which won three games in a row. Despite of the loss, Batang Gilas players were happy about the cheers they received from the Filipino community at the venue.

This is the third-consecutive defeat of Batang Gilas in the U-17 FIBA World Championship.

Jolo Mendoza was the only bright spot for the Philippine team as he scored 19 points.

The Americans played outstandingly when they produced a 14-2 run at the end of the first quarter to take over the game.

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