College Football Playoff Rankings Prediction

The release of the College Football Rankings by the College Football Playoff selection committee will be on Tuesday night. The College Football Playoff is the system to be used as a replacement to the BCS which produced so much controversies in its existence.

Will the College Football Playoff system be able to remove such controversies? It seems that controversies would not go away after two months of college football games. With the current domination from the SEC West, controversies would arise.

What will happen if Florida State loses a game, then there’s a big possibility that four teams (Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama, and Ole Miss) would be in the top four of the college football standings? It’s going to be more difficult to grasp.

Moreover, the criteria to be used by the committee are records, strength of schedule, conference championships ( to be applied in the last week of the FBS season), records against common opponents and other factors like injuries.

Projected College Footbal Rankings Top 10

1. Mississippi State: Undefeated
2. Auburn: Lost to No. 1 Mississipi State
3. Florida State: Defeated ranked teams Clemson and Notre Dame
4. Alabama: Lost to Ole Miss
5. Ole Miss: Lost to LSU last Saturday, defeated Alabama
6. Notre Dame: Lost to No. 3 FSU
7. Arizona: Lost to USC, defeated No. 10 Oregon
8. Kansas State: Defeated Oklahoma, lost to No 2Auburn
9. Georgia: Defeated Clemson, lost to South Carolina
10. Oregon: Defeated UCLA and Michigan State

Missisippi State will have to play Ole Miss in the coming weeks.

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