College Football Upsets: A stunning Week 6


The college football fans all over the country are shocked about the numbers of upsets this week. Of course it will immediately alter the rankings and it could largely make impact for the college football playoff, which four teams will be selected.

Here are the Week Six upsets and scores

Arizona  31
No 2 Oregon Ducks 24

Utah State 35
No. 18 BYU 30

No. 6 Texas A&M 31
No. 12 Mississippi State 48

No. 17 Wisconsin 14
Northwestern 20

No. 3 Alabama 17
No. 11 Ole Miss 23

No. 4 Oklahoma 33
No. 25 TCU 37

Arizona State 38
No. 16 USC 34

Utah 30
No. 8 UCLA 28

It’s quite surprising that Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma, UCLA, and Texas A&M lost the grip of outlasting their opponents. However, these powerful teams are not out yet in aiming for the National Championship game. All these teams would have to win all their remaining games to be considered in the college football playoff.

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