SF 49ers vs Denver Broncos: Scores, Updates, Sunday Night football Highlights

Peyton Manning drew the first blood and gave the Broncos the early lead, with a touchdown pass.

The NFL game between San Francisco and Denver will serve as a measuring stick for both teams. After starting 1-2, the SF 49ers have responded and they are riding in three-consecutive wins. While the 49ers have risen from the bottom, the Denver Broncos continue to make the noise as the top contender in the AFC.

A collision is set in which Peyton Manning will have a chance to break Brett Favre’s record of 508 touchdowns. Though Manning is not setting his eyes on the record, his priority is to bring a win for Denver.

Manning has everything at his disposal. He maintains a great tight end Julius Thomas, who already had nine touchdown receptions. Most of the TD passes of Manning went through the hands of Thomas. It would be interesting to see how the 49ers have to defend when the Broncos are on the redzone.

Mannin completed 22 of 33 passes for 237 yards against the Jets last week. He threw for three touchdowns, two went to Thomas. As the offense works well for the Broncos, the defense is doing its part to subdue their opponents.

For the SF 49ers, the defense will surely be tested. Moreover, this could be the launching pad to be the best in the NFC, as the Seahawks lost to the Rams earlier.

The 49ers pulled off a 37-17 victory over the Rams on Monday Night football. Collin Kaepernic competed 22 of 35 passes for 343 yards and three touchdowns. Kaepernick has always been the weapon of success offensively for the Niners. He is expected to be clobbered by the defense of Denver, but he knows how to extricate in such defensive scheme.

With Kaepernick’s doing the load offensively, the rushing offense of Frank Gore is needed to derail Broncos’ vaunted defense. It is necessary for the 49ers to start quickly in scoring so that they will put pressure on Manning.

SF 49ers vs Denver Broncos scores and results will be posted here after the game.


4:10 4th

Denver 42
SF 10

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