Tony Romo suffers back injury in Monday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was taken out in the Monday Night Football game against the Redskins after a back injury with 7:50 to play in the third.

Romo was hardly hit in the back by linebacker Keenan Robinson, who rushed on a blitz on Dallas first possession of the second half. Romo was on the floor for a number of minutes as he was taken care by the team’s medical staff.

According to ESPN,Romo was on his back but was turned to his side by the doctors as they evaluated him. Dr. Drew Dossett, who performed the surgery on Romo’s back last December, was among those tending to Romo.

Romo was replaced by Brandon Weeden. With what happened to Romo, there’s quite a bit concern for the entire Dallas Cowboys.

Romo has been playing with consistency in leading his team in a six-game winning streak. He has found ways to win games when the game is on the line.

Without Romo, Weeden was able to tie the game in his 4 of 6 passes for 69 yards and one touchdown. Moreover, DeMarco Murray rushed for 124 yards in 17 attempts with 7:22 left as the Monday Night football score is tied at 17-17 all.

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