World Series Champions: SF Giants win the title

World Series Champions: SF Giants win the title

Madison Bumgarner pitched as a reliever and he tamed the Kansas City Royals for the San Franciso Giants to win the 2014 World Series 3-2.

The SF Giants scored again in the fourth inning to take the lead, 3-2.

The SF Giants pulled off a two-run second inning through the RBIs of Michael Morse and Brandon Crawford sending Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt on the homeplate to take the early lead at 2-0 on top of the inning.

With the Giants on top, the Kansas City Royals never broke down as they answered through Billy Butler and Alex Gordon runs.

Giants manager Bruce Botchy already pulled out starter Tim Hudson after 1 2/3 innings. According to MLB stats, Hudson’s 1 2/3 innings is the shortest World Series Game 7 start since Yankees Bob Turley’s one inning start in 1960.

Right-hander Jeremy Affeldt entered for Hudson, who had 28 pitch counts, 3 hits, 2 ERA, a BB, and 1 KK.

The Kansas City Royals are favored to win the World Series Game 7. The last nine World Series Game 7s were won by teams playing at home.

Because of the early exit of Hudson, ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner is expected to take care of the game at some point. Moreover, Tim Lincecum whose great in big games is not out of consideration by Botchy.

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