Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars: TV Schedule, Start Time, Scores, Tony Romo plays?

Three weeks ago, Dallas was considered as the best team in the NFC. But after two consecutive losses, the Cowboys will try to avoid a major collapse and their third losing streak when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday at the Wembley Stadium, England.

Tony Romo traveled to London and everybody hopes that he could make the difference against the Jaguars. Romo missed last Sunday’s home game against Arizona, 28-17, because of back injury suffered in the third quarter against Washington two weeks ago.

With Romo as the quarterback, the Cowboys have a better chance of winning on the road. Romo’s numbers this season is completed upgraded from 2013. In terms of completion percentage 68.2 and passer rating 103.6, Romo ranks in the top five in the NFL. Romo already accumulated 1,998 yards with 15 touchdowns, supposed to be better if he didn’t miss any minutes.

“He has to be functional,” Garrett said Thursday. “He has to be able to protect himself.”

While Romo is the talk of many sports media outlets, the early dominance of runningback DeMarco Murray on the ground cannot be neglected at all. Murray started the first eight games with at least 100 yards rushing, only to be stopped last Sunday by Arizona.

Offensively, Dallas averages 232.8 yards in passing and 153.4 yards in rushing. Defensively, Dallas yields 237.3 yards in passing and 113.2 yards in rushing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the verge of yet another losing season. Jacksonville’s defense and offense have been terrible in the past games. The defense allowed an average of 27.9 points while the offense averages 15.7 points, lowest in the NFL.

Jacksonville averages 212 yards in passing and 101.1 in rushing. Defensively, Jacksonville yields 263.4 yards in passing and 123.4 in rushing.

Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars tv channel schedule is on Fox. Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars start time is at 1:00 PM ET. Cowboys vs Jaguars scores and results will be posted here after the game.

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