Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat: TV Schedule, Start Time, NBA 2014 Christmas

What would be the response of the crowd for LeBron James return to the American Airlines Arena?

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Miami Heat on NBA Christmas marked game at 5:00 PM ET. James will have to be back to the home crowd that cheered him in the last four years in which he led them into four straight NBA finals and two NBA titles.

LeBron may not expect hatred at all from the Heat’s fans because he did his part as the “savior” of the basketball club. However, some of the fans may jeered James at some part of the game, or even probably before tip-off.

”To say I haven’t thought about going back, I would be lying,” James said in Cleveland on Tuesday. ”It’s going to be great to be back in that building around those unbelievable fans and the memories will definitely come back, being a part of the organization for four years.”

James spent precious years with the Heat organization and he became a champion. Moreover, James may still love the Heat but some of in the organization were angry because of his decision to leave this summer.

According to reports, James continues to have contact with some of the players of Miami, most especially Dwayne Wade. The friendship between James and Wade will never fade at all despite of having different uniforms.

”He made the right decision. He went home,” Wade said Wednesday. ”You can’t say nothing about that decision when someone decides to go home.”

With James at the center of the offense, the Cavaliers have a record of 16-10 while the Heat are only 13-16. Without a doubt, the impact of James can be felt because of his nightly consistencies.

Miami will not have Chris Bosh in today’s game while Cleveland will missed Anderson Varajao for the rest of the season with Achilles injury. Miami maintains its offense through Wade and Luol Deng as the primary options.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat tv schedule is on ABC. Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat start time is at 5:00 PM ET. Heat vs Cavaliers scores and highlights will be posted here after the game.

who will win this match?

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