Monday Night Football: Saints vs Bears TV channel Schedule, Kick Off Time, Scores and Highlights

The New Orleans Saints playoff situation is on the line as they face the Chicago Bears in Monday Night Football, December 15, at the Soldier Field.

New Orleans (5-8) remains to be in contention for the NFC South, currently No. 1 in the division while Carolina (5-8-1) and Atlanta (5-9) with the same number of wins. Ad win for the Saints would put a more separation against the two rivals.

The Saints were surprised by the Panthers last week in a 41-10 home loss. It was a crucial match that the Saints couldn’t capitalize.

Drew Brees completed 29 of 49 passes for 235 yards and one touchdown against one interception. The Saints were totally dominated by the Panthers.Without a doubt, the Saints will have to be aggressive in the offense, especially in the running game which Mark Ingram contributed for only 43 yards in 10 carries.

The Saints defense has to be attentive on the passing arsenals of the Bears through Jay Cutler. Defense will be the key for the Saints in beating Chicago.

“The only reason we’re sitting here still with that small sliver of hope is just because the way the division has unfolded this year,” coach Sean Payton said.

Offensively, New Orleans averages 297.3 in passing (3rd in the NFL) and 123.7 in rushing (8th in the NFL). Defensively, New Orleans yields 265.2 in passing and 133.5 in rushing.

Chicago again failed to be in the playoff for the fourth consecutive seasons. Despite signing Cutler in a seven-year 126.7 million, the Bears have struggled to win games. Cutler has six fumbles and 15 interceptions since signing that contract.

Coach Marc Trestman’s job is also on the line or he has been considered to exit regardless of what will happen in the remaining games.

“Jay and I talk daily. I think he has a very good understanding of how we feel about him. There’s a lot of noise out there. We’re all aware of that,” Trestman said. “All we’re trying to do here is to get our football team in a position that we can be better on Monday night.

Offensively, Chicago averages 254.2 yards in passing and 88.7 in rushing. Defensively, Chicago yields 265.5 in passing and 112.3 in rushing.

Monday Night Football New Orleans Saints vs Chicago Bears tv channel schedule is on ESPN. Monday Night Football scores and highlights will be posted here after the game. Monday Night Football kick off time is at 8:30 PM ET.

Scores and Highlights:

Brees threw for 375 yards and three touchdowns, and New Orleans beat Chicago 31-15 on Monday night to grab the NFC South lead.

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