Sunday Night Football scores and updates: Cowboys vs Eagles tv schedule

The Dallas Cowboys grabbed the opportunity given when the Eagles miscued on the opening kickoff. DeMarco Murray ran for a short touchdown to have Dallas 7-0 advantage.

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles on December 14, at 8:30 PM ET, at the Lincoln Field Financial Field, Philadelphia Pa.

With the NFC East on the line, the Eagles host the Cowboys in what is considered a critical NFL game. The winner will control its own destiny with two more games remaining. Thus, both the Cowboys and the Eagles are expected to provide a classic football game.

The Cowboys will rely on the accuracy of Tony Romo and the rushing offense of DeMarco Murray. Romo completed 21 of 26 for 205 yards and three touchdowns to help the Cowboys in a 41-28 victory over the Bears last week.

Murray rushed for 179 yards and a touchdown in 32 attempts, paving the way for Dallas to dominate and exploit the defense of Chicago.

Offensively, Dallas averages 229.7 in passing and 149.1 in rushing (3rd in the NFL). Defensively, Dallas averages 251.9 in passing and 113.1 in rushing.

After suffering a disappointing loss, advancing only 153 total yards in a 24-14 home loss to the Seahawks, the Philadelphia Eagles want to bounce back.

Mark Sanchez was pressured, completing only 10 of 20 passes for 96 yards and two touchdowns against one interception. Also, LeSean McCoy rushed for only 50 yards in 17 attempts.

However, the Eagles will not be facing the same defense with the Cowboys. The Eagles high-octane offense of the Eagles is needed to beat the Cowboys.

Offensively, Philadelphia averages 270.3 yards in passing (7th in the NFL) and 124.5 in rushing (7th in the NFL). Defensively, Philadelphia yields 258.1 yards in passing and 113.8 in rushing.

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles tv channel schedule is on NBC. Cowboys vs Eagles odds and point spread: -3.5 Philadelphia. Cowboys vs Eagles scores and results will be posted here after the game.

Final Score Update:

Dallas 38
Philadelphia 27

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