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Platinum Hit Season 1 Episode 3

Wheels Up is the title of Platinum Hit Episode 3 which will be shown on June 13, 2011 at 10:00 PM on Bravo. Platinum Hit is a reality show being telecasted in Bravo TV.
The contestants will be in a road trip that they will have to get the inspirations in writing the right music. [...]

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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 3

Let’s continue to follow the life of Scott McCalls in this wonderful television series Teen Wolf Episode 3. After getting a bite from a werewolf, his life has been different that he is now half human and half werewolf? It was a great struggle for Scott when he finds himself being half werewolf that he [...]

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Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 2

The saga continues in the Switched at Birth Episode 2. By accidentally switched at birth and finding themselves in a terrible situations as Bay and Daphne will have to live with their true families. This drama series captures the minds of the viewers for it is not only switching at birth but switching lives [...]

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