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Platinum Hit Season 1 Episode 3

Wheels Up is the title of Platinum Hit Episode 3 which will be shown on June 13, 2011 at 10:00 PM on Bravo. Platinum Hit is a reality show being telecasted in Bravo TV.

The contestants will be in a road trip that they will have to get the inspirations in writing the right music. Surely, they will be tested so hard that only the best will survive. What will happen in this Platinum Hit Season 1 Episode 3? Natasha Bedingfield will be a guest judge in this Platinum Hit Episode 3. Make sure you tune in for this exciting reality show.

Jewel and Kara DioGuardi will be the main character of the reality show making sure that it runs smoothly for the viewers. Let’s enjoy the twelve aspiring songwriters as they bring their talents, creativity, and patience on the table.

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