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Army Wives Season 4 Episode 18

ARMY WIVES season is coming to an end with the upcoming ARMY WIVES Season 4 Episode 18, which is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 22nd only on Lifetime Network. Forward March is the title given to ARMY WIVES Finale Season 4 Episode 18 and this is an one hour episode starting at 10 PM to 11 PM. Guys, this is the fourth season Finale of ARMY WIVES, so there cannot be any excuse to miss out on this episode!

ARMY WIVES Season 4 Episode 18 – Synopsis

In ARMY WIVES Finale Season 4 Episode 18 you will see Denise goes into labor while on the phone with Jeremy; Claudia Joy receives disturbing news as Emmalin prepares for graduation. Pamela reconsiders her future after a talk with Gina and Joan must make a life-altering decision. So to know more on what happens with ARMY WIVES Finale “Forward March” episode 18, you must catch the show without fail!