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HUGE Episode 9

The beautiful seven teens in the urge to lose weight at Camp Victory has something interesting for us with the next episode. Huge Season 1 Episode 9 is scheduled to air on Monday, August 23rd 2010 starting at 9 PM only on ABC Family Network. “Parents Weekend-Part 1 is the title given to Huge Season 1 Episode 9 and this is the summer finale of HUGE, so by no means you should be missing out on it!

Huge Season 1 Episode 9 – Synopsis
In Huge Season 1 Episode 9 you get to see, The camp hosts parents’ weekend, but Will’s mom and dad are no-shows. Meanwhile, Alistair puts on a charade of being Becca’s boyfriend; and Amber’s mother smuggles in some food. There is just one more episode left after HUGE Episode 9 and the season finale will be a huge fun, so catch up without fail on Monday, August 23, 2010!

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