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Watch Drop Dead Diva Season 2 Episode 11

Watch Drop Dead Diva  Season 2 Episode 11. Drop Dead Diva  is a perfect mixture of fun, fantasy and fashion. Season 2 getting better with each episode passing by and DROP DEAD DIVA Season 2 Episode 11 is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 22nd at 9 PM only on Lifetime Television. “Good Grief” is the title given to DROP DEAD DIVA Season 2 Episode 11 and we have few excellent guest stars in this episode - Barry Watson, Jake Pavelka, Matt Letscher, Camile Guaty, Jaime Ray Newman
DROP DEAD DIVA Season 2 Episode 11 – Synopsis

In DROP DEAD DIVA Season 2 Episode 11 you will see, Jane and Grayson take on the case of a man who is coping with the loss of his wife by dressing as a clown; Parker and Kim represent a reality dating show producer; Fred decides to reveal his feelings to Stacy. Jake Pavelka guest stars as Toby Davlin, a suitor on Finding the One, a dating show whose producer is being sued for “intentionally inflicting emotional harm” when Toby spurns one bachelorette for another.

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