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The Gates Episode 9

The Gates Episode 9. Beyond doubts The Gates is one of the best supernatural dramas designed in recent times. The show is just 8 episode old, but does carry millions of viewers. You can now catch THE GATES Season 1 Episode 9 on Sunday, August 22nd at 10 PM airing on ABC Network. “Identity Crisis” is the title given to THE GATES Season 1 Episode 9 and this is going to another thrilling episode that cannot be missed!
THE GATES Season 1 Episode 9 – Synopsis
In THE GATES Season 1 Episode 9 you will see FBI agent Kat Russo searches for a criminal who may have taken refuge in The Gates. In the meantime, Andie grows weaker by the day and Charlie finds himself with an unforeseen new crush. You will also see Dylan and Claire struggle to repair their bond. There is lot more fun waiting with the entire episode of The Gates so make sure you don’t lag behind catching up THE GATES Episode 9

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