College football scores Week 2, Saturday


Today, marks the second week of the college football 2014 which features the games of Michigan State and Oregon and Southern California and Stanford.

All the college football fanatics must not forget the last game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. How about the Ohio State vs Virginia Tech?

Michigan State Spartans vs Oregon Ducks

This is a game of offense vs defense. Michigan State will test their defense against the spread offense of the Oregon Ducks. This is a high-profile game because both teams are in the Top 10 in the rankings. Whichever team wins, it has a chance to jump into the standings.

Michigan Wolverines vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Say goodbye to the rivalry. A monumental game between two teams with lasting memories of their collisions in the past will be in the eyes of the football world. Notre Dame Fighting Irish are the favorites but anything can happen because the Wolverines are prepared to wage war.

Virginia Tech vs Ohio State

What can the Hokies do against the Buckeyes who tends to start well in the las three seasons? The Hokies might say the last words in this matchup. Urban Meyer selected the right quarterback and he would be in the test against the defense of the Hokies.

Let’s never forget the top five teams this week

No 2 Alabama vs Florida Atlantic

The Alabama Crimson Tide do not have to be worried about this match. Alabama has all the necessary players make this game be won in the first half. Coach Nick Saban might experiment some of his plays against the weaker opponent.  Nothing would change the status of the Tide as No. 2 team in the country as long as they would win the game.

No 4 Oklahoma vs Tulsa

There’s no threat at all to the Oklahoma Sooners. An easy game to play with this Saturday. Coach Bob Stoops might use this game as sharpening of tools for the next games.

No 1 Florida State vs The Citadel

Florida State has nothing much to think about this game against The Citadel. This is a game to dominate the other team.

No 5 Auburn vs San Jose State

Auburn is the No 2 team in the SEC, behind Alabama. The Tigers are heavily favored to win this game.

We will provide you all the college football Week 2 Scores. However, you can check the current scores at

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