Four major reasons why Manny Pacquiao would lose his fight against Algieri


Will Manny Pacquiao be able to withstand all the distractions in his preparations for his fight against Chris Algieri?

While the boxing icon Manny Pacquiao continues to appear on television, some of his fans worldwide are just concern about his extra-curricular activities that is well-caught by the media.

No boxing fans want to see him lose in his upcoming fight against Algieri, because this fight might be the prelude to Mayweather vs Pacquiao on May. A win by the congressman would allow Mayweather about fighting him. A lose by Pacquiao would mean only derision from the “Money Man”.

Pacquiao’s last defeat was in the hands of Manuel Marquez. Many believed at that time that “Pacman” lacked the preparation he needed because he was engrossed with many things. And what happened…Pacquiao was knocked out with just a punch.

The people’s champ boxing schedule is on November 22 at the Venetian’s Cotai Arena in Macau. Take the calender and it’s almost 45 days away.

Here are the reasons why Pacquiao would lose vs Algieri

1. His enthusiasm to the PBA

Pacquiao plays basketball. This might be his second sports aside from boxing. If he would not be in boxing, probably he followed basketball and he would be retired now in other league.

As the oldest rookie to be drafted in the PBA, Pacquiao would seize the moment of playing against Jimmy Alapag, LA Tenorio and Jason Castro. He might be guarding one of them in the upcoming games. He might be driving to the basket against one of these popular pointguards.

Aside from being a player, Pacquiao is also a playing coach. Probably, the Robert Jaworski of the “new era” of the PBA, drawing plays in the closing minutes, being televised live.

Everybody wants to see how Pacquiao would involve himself in the PBA before his fight.

2. His time being spent in politics

Aside from basketball, remember that Pacquiao is a lawmaker. On Monday, he was visited by Vice President Jejomar Binay, even news media asking Pacquiao about possible Binay-Pacquiao tandem. Though he would prefer not to be in the sessions of the lower house, still his mind sometimes probably wonder about his future in politics.

3. His BIR problem

The Bureau of Internal Revenue filed tax evasion against him worth P 3.2 billion. He was now asked by the Supreme Court to comment on a reconsideration flee. The representative from Saranggani owes the Phillippine government a that whopping amount.

Even Bob Arum came into the defense of his client. Arum understands that this case can sneak in to Pacquiao’s heart and mind.

If this case would not circulate inside the heart of Pacquiao, then his preparation is unaffected.

4. His Opponent

Chris Algieri is not to be taken for granted. He has the arsenals to defeat the people’s champ. If Algieri is well-prepared and Pacquiao is not, then everybody knows the result.

Pacquiao’s spiritual activities like bible studies and attending church will never decrease or remove the power of Pacquiao, instead his spiritual man would bring him yet another victory.

Everybody hopes Pacquiao wins.