Monday Night Football live stream: MNF TV Channel Schedule, Kickoff Time, Odds, Point Spread, Prediction Texans vs Steelers gigantic game

While the Pittsburgh Steelers look for a momentum, the Houston Texans seek for a boost in their offense. The Steelers host the Texans on Monday Night Football at Heinz Field.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger knows exactly when to change gear in the season and he believes he has to do it now as the Steelers have a 3-3 record, while they never won two consecutive games. The star quarterback had proven in the past that he could help his team climb from the pit into the pinnacle.

The Steelers may have an edge in this stretch as they start a three-game homestand against the Texans, then to be followed by the Ravens and Colts. With the two winning teams at their foresight, the Steelers have to win this game, and consider this a launching pad of what is to come.

After having a 3-1 start, the Houston Texans lost two consecutive games, to the Cowboys and the Colts. Without a doubt, the Texans have the firepower to be back in the playoffs with Arian Foster as the running back.

The Texans are behind two games to the Colts in the race for the AFC South. This would mark as the new beginning for the Texans as they journey to an unknown season.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick must be able to play with ease in his passing so that he could rally the Texans into a victory on the road. He ranks last in the AFC with a 58.9 passer rating in the first quarter. It even drops to 21.8 in the past four games.

If the Texans have to win this game, Fitzpatrick must have a blazing start in his passes with accuracy. The Texans have the problem in the passing offense as they averaged for 208.5 yards per game, 28th in the NFL. The good thing for the Texans is the running offense averaging 128.5 per game, 9th in the NFL.

The key for the Texans would be the running game through Foster, but it would be better if Fitzpatrick could pull off the trigger for accurate passes.

MNF Monday Night football live stream online is on Monday Night Football tv channel is on ESPN.

The Steelers are 3-point favorites and the over/under is set at 44.5, according to Monday Night Football prediction: Steelers win and cover the point spread.

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