Kobe Paras leads Batang Gilas to beat Japan in a thriller

Kobe Paras had 27 points and 10 rebounds for Philippine National Youth Team to outshine Japan, 113-105, in overtime in a nerve-wracking basketball game, battle for fifth place, in the FIBA Asia Under-18 Championship.

Paras rallied the Batang Gilas from a 79-67 deficit with 7:48 remaining in the game. Aside from making his shots, he controlled the boards to help Batang Gilas to complete comeback.

With the heroic plays of Paras, it was Ranbill Tonco who connected the three-pointer at the buzzer that forced the game into over time. Earlier in the play, Paul Desiderio had a chance to tie the game but he missed the three-pointer with 22 seconds left.

Japan made two free throws to increase the lead to five, 99-88. Batang Gilas had another opportunity to slice the lead but Desiderio missed another shot. However, Paras was in the right place for the put back, 93-90.

Uchida Akito missed the next two free throws that should have sealed the game for Japan. Paras grabbed the board to provide Tongco the last gleam of hope in that game-tying shot.

With all the momentum that the Batang Gilas produced, the Philippine National Youth team never looked back.

Jollo Go scored 24 points, while Mark Dyke added 18 points. Desiderio had 17 points and Tongco drilled in 14 points.

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